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Go Active

The I Am Moving I Am Learning (IMIL) initiative is very closely connected to Keystone Color Me Healthy, and is part of the Keystone Kids Go! initiative. IMIL was developed by the Office of Head Start, Administration for Children and Families, at the US Department of Health and Human Services, with leadership from Dr. Linda Carson, Ed.D, the Ware 

Distinguished Professor Emerita at West Virginia University and the Founder/CEO of Choosy Kids, LLC, and Amy Requa, MSN, CRNP, the Pennsylvania Head Start State Oral Health Coordinator.

IMIL is a proactive approach for addressing childhood obesity in young children birth to five within Early Care and Education settings. IMIL has 3 overall goals for building lifelong healthy preferences:

  1. Increase the quantity of time spent in moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) within daily routines to meet national guidelines (a total of 120 minutes daily for preschool children).
  2.  Improve the quality of movement experiences intentionally planned and facilitated by informed and participating adults, including teachers and parents.
  3. Promote healthy food choices every day for children, teachers, and parents.

The interactive and high-energy training is infused with ideas, strategies, lively music, and resources for embedding quality physical movement experiences and healthy nutrition choices within the existing curricula of Early Care and Education programs.


IMIL monthly family newsletters - Click on the above images to access newsletters for each month

To complement the IMIL program, monthly newsletters help to provide families with ideas on how to get up, move and have fun together.  

Each newsletter includes a Chant it! and Move it! section that goes with the monthly theme.

  • Chant it!  This portion of the newsletter focuses on a song, chant or finger play and reinforces reading skills.  Many of the Chants focus on a Choosy Kids song.  Choosy™ is a fun character used in the IMIL program who helps adults be active play partners with children.  Choosy™ stands for Choose Healthy Options Often and Start Young®! 
  • Move it!  This section introduces a fun and simple physical activity that can be easily done without a lot of materials.  The IMIL program helps you make family memories by playing together.  Choosy™ says “YOU are your child’s favorite toy. Remember your child really loves to play with YOU!” 

These high quality resources enhance the physical activity component of the Keystone Color Me Healthy materials. Click here to learn more about IMIL and Choosy Kids.

Where do I go to obtain professional development?

The PA Key website, found at offers face-to-face training on I Am Moving, I Am Learning.  Visit the PA Key Registry for details about upcoming trainings.


What are the Keystone Kids Go Active! Activity Cards?

The Keystone Kids Go Active! Activity Cards give childcare providers easy access to activities that promote healthy behaviors and increase the quality and quantity of children’s instant, integrative, and imaginative movement.  More than half of the 25 fun, kid-tested activities include weight-bearing activities to help build strong bones and muscles and promote good bone health early in life.  The Keystone Kids Go Active! Activity Cards are part of the Keystone Color Me Healthy Supplemental Activities and Resources Guide.  The guide contains pages of picture cards that can be laminated and assembled for easy use in your classroom.  

To access a copy of the cards, download the Supplemental Activities and Resources Guide from the Go Colorful! section of this website, and look for “Keystone Kids Go Active! Activity Cards” in the Table of Contents.

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