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Go Colorful

Color Me Healthy (CMH) is a nutrition education and physical activity promotion curriculum containing a kit of interactive resources developed by staff from North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service at North Carolina State University and the Physical Activity and Nutrition Unit of the North Carolina  Division of Public Health.  CMH was designed to help early childhood practitioners teach children aged 4 and 5 years  about the importance of nutrition and physical activity. Kit materials, which can be integrated easily into an existing preschool curriculum, include colorful cards, posters, newsletters, music, and activities to teach children that  healthy food and movement are fun.

In 2003, the Pennsylvania Departments of Health (DOH) and Education partnered with the Head Start State Collaboration Project, Tuscarora Intermediate Unit, American Cancer Society, Nutrition Education Network, and Penn State Cooperative Extension to purchase CMH kits and train early childhood practitioners in five Pennsylvania counties in how to best use the resources.  Each year, the training reached out to additional counties.  In 2005-2006, the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (DPW) joined the workgroup of CMH partners and obtained funding from the Heinz Foundation to expand CMH to the remaining 33 counties in Pennsylvania. 

In 2005-2006, the partners decided to rename the program “Keystone Color Me Healthy” to represent the ways Pennsylvania has expanded the program and to connect the program to other statewide initiatives.  By December 31, 2007 Keystone Color Me Healthy was implemented in all Pennsylvania counties.

How is Keystone Color Me Healthy connected to I Am Moving I Am Learning?

The I Am Moving I Am Learning (IMIL) initiative is very closely connected to Keystone Color Me Healthy, and is part of the Keystone Kids Go! initiative. IMIL was developed by the Office of Head Start, Administration for Children and Families, at the US Department of Health and Human Services, with leadership from Dr. Linda Carson, Ed.D, the Ware Distinguished Professor Emerita at West Virginia University and the Founder/CEO of Choosy Kids, LLC, and Amy Requa, MSN, CRNP, the Pennsylvania Head Start State Oral Health Coordinator.

IMIL is a proactive approach for addressing childhood obesity in young children birth to five years old within Early Care and Education settings. The interactive and high-energy training is infused with ideas, strategies, lively music, and resources for embedding quality physical movement experiences and healthy nutrition choices within the existing curricula of Early Care and Education programs. These high quality resources enhance the physical activity component of the Keystone Color Me Healthy materials. To learn more about IMIL and Choosy Kids, please visit the “Go Active!” component of the Keystone Kids Go! website.

Where do I go to obtain professional development?

The PA Key website, found at offers face-to-face training on:

  • Keystone Color Me Healthy
  • I Am Moving, I Am Learning
  • Go Healthy – It All Begins with You! (a training session to educate child care practitioners about healthy habits for adults and the importance of being a positive role model for children)

Visit the PA Key Registry for details about upcoming trainings.

Penn State Better Kid Care also offers the Keystone Color Me Healthy training online via the On Demand System.  Click here to learn more or to register for the online lesson.

Are any of the Color Me Healthy resources available via download?

The Supplemental Activities and Resources (SAR) Guide: This Pennsylvania-developed resource book contains additional small group and food experience activities that align and extend the Color Me Healthy Teacher’s Guide, Physical Activity Toolkit cards, connections to the Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood, four seasonal family newsletters, an annotated bibliography of children's books related to nutrition and physical activity, and more.  To access the SAR Guide, click here.

Please note that this is a large file and may take some time to download.


The Original Color Me Healthy Kit: To read more about the original Color Me Healthy materials developed by North Carolina, and to download updates to the materials, please visit

Current updates to the original kit include:

     * Replacement for "Color You Healthy" section of Teacher Manual
        Last updated: January 4, 2012

     * Replacement for "Resources" section of Teacher Manual
         Last Updated: January 4, 2012

From this site, you may also view and download the monthly newsletters that are included in the kit, along with many other additional resources. Kits can be purchased from this website but do not include the Pennsylvania supplements.  Kits are available at no cost to participants who complete a face-to-face or On Demand Keystone Color Me Healthy training.