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Go Families

Families – you are such an important role model in your children’s lives!  You can help them to form healthy behaviors by making healthier choices as well!

Below are some newsletters created especially for families.  In addition, please be sure to visit the Go Healthy! section of this website for even more resources related to you as a role model!

I am Moving, I am Learning Family Newsletters

Since 2002, the Keystone Kids Go! initiative has been committed to helping families with preschool children live healthier lives. The I Am Moving, I Am Learning program uses music and movement to promote activity. These monthly, seasonally-based newsletters will pair the two programs together and give families ideas on how to get up, move and have fun together.

Each newsletter includes a Chant it! and Move it! section that goes with the monthly theme.

  • Chant it!  This portion of the newsletter focuses on a song, chant or fingerplay and reinforces reading skills.  Many of the Chants focus on a Choosy Kids song.  Choosy™ is a fun character used in the I Am Moving, I Am Learning program who helps adults be active play partners with children.  Choosy stands for Choose Healthy Options Often and Start Young!  Visit to learn more.
  • Move it!  This section introduces a fun and simple physical activity that can be easily done without a lot of materials.  The I Am Moving, I Am Learning program helps you make family memories by playing together.  Choosy™ says “YOU are your child’s favorite toy. Remember your child really loves to play with YOU!”

Click here to view the monthly newsletters.

Seasonal Family Newsletters

The Supplemental Activities and Resources Guide, developed to enhance the materials of the Keystone Color Me Healthy kit, includes great resources for families, including four seasonally-based newsletters especially for families.  To access a copy of the newsletters, download the Supplemental Activities and Resources Guide from the Go Colorful! section of this website, and look for “Seasonal Family Activity Guides” in the Table of Contents.  The guides can also be found independently by clicking here.

Color Me Healthy Newsletters

North Carolina’s original Color Me Healthy kit contains 12 monthly newsletters for families. These newsletters can be downloaded from their website as well by clicking here.

Penn State Better Kid Care ABC’s of Growing Healthy Children

The ABCs of Growing Healthy Kids are a helpful resource for providing general feeding information from birth through six years of age. Specific topics of interest are also covered such as picky eaters, healthy snacks and breakfast ideas. Downloadable PDFs are available for printing and sharing.

Eat Together PA

You can eat dinner together! Try fitting it in when everyone comes home from sports practice, work or evening errands.  Simple tips, like cooking food ahead to freeze for later or learning quick recipes, can make family meals easy and fun. Check out the rest of this site for meal planning ideas!

Join your child on the path to healthy eating with this great guide from

How much screen time is too much?  How can I limit the amount of screen time my child gets each day? Information on the American Academy of Pediatrics website offers guidance and tips on managing time spent with various media.  To learn more, click here.

Nibbles for Health was developed for child care center staff and parents of young children enrolled in child care centers. This resource has reproducible newsletters that address many of the challenges adults face related to children’s health and nutrition.


Click here to see some healthy, delicious recipes for families.