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The PA Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care

The Pennsylvania Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Card (PA NAP SACC) is an online continuous quality improvement intervention designed to help child care providers improve the nutrition and physical activity practices within their early childhood care settings.

The NAP SACC, developed by multi-agency collaborative in North Carolina, was adapted into a sustainable, online intervention that can be completed by child care centers and homes.  The content of the PA NAP SACC provides a wealth of practical resources, as well as easily accessible professional development modules for child care directors/owners and staff (hours for Keystone STARS, DPW), in addition to education for families.

To preview the PA NAP SACC module, click here

The PA NAP SACC website and resources are available to the public.  At times, mini-grant projects are offered related to the PA NAP SACC continuous program improvement process. To learn more about future mini-grant opportunities, please email Lori McMonigal.

Innovative Practices

View the promising practice videos and read the narratives detailing the successful nutrition and physical activity proactices of select child care facilities that completed the PA NAP SACC.


Here is what some child care providers have said about PA NAP SACC:

The most beneficial aspect of this project was the assessment overall; learning where we could improve and strive to be even better and have the resources at our fingertips to do so.

The PA NAP SACC was valuable in helping us to review our environment, evaluate opportunities for movement and physical activities for our children, and assess our menu items in relation to affordable but healthy meal options.

I think the most beneficial aspect was teaching the children about healthier eating by trying new foods that they were not accustomed to.

The information provided and the methods used in the project let us look at our center's practices and make real changes in our program.

I think the self-assessment was very helpful because it made us more aware of issues that we might not have thought of before. It opened our eyes to how well we were doing in some areas and what areas were truly lacking.