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Nacho Bean Dip

Grab those chips & start dippin'! 

Mighty Muffin Meatloaf

Try this fun, flavorful meatloaf for an easy dinner or the perfect take-along lunch! 

Mexican Chicken Soup

A classic comfort soup with a twist!

Marinated Three-Bean Salad

This zesty recipe offers bold flavors and three different kinds of beans!

Marinated Beef

Try this easy marinade for a super tangy, flavorful beef meal!

Maple Lemon Chicken

Here is an easy main dish that is sure to please everyone at your dinner table!

Low-Calorie, No-Bake Fruit Pizza

No-Bake Yogurt Fruit Pizza may quickly turn into a family-favorite! Try making one with your kids today.

Lemon Spinach

This is a quick, healthy, tasty side dish that can brighten up any meal!

Leftover Turkey Tostadas

This spin on your classic tostada recipe can be ready in a snap! 

Kale Salad

A yummy, refreshing salad for any time of the year!